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Come to Namibia and enjoy our wonderful itineraries and see where an adventure with Atutanga Tours and Safaris can take you. Namibia is regarded as one of the safest destinations in Africa to travel to and if not the safest in Africa as a self drive destination. Namibia has world class infrastructures which include road conditions, telecommunications and power. The tourism facilities that boast first class service, offer the traveler a unique and comfortable experience but maintain that typical African experience. Atutanga Tours and Safaris is perfectly suited to give you the real African experience  through guided tours in Namibia. If group travel is not your first choice, we can have a trip tailored to your specifications.

We offer scheduled guided safari tours both Accommodated and Camping. We are flexible to work with you any time. We would love to help you plan your safari holiday – anywhere in Namibia.

We offer escorted scheduled tours, tailor-made tours and personalised tours, meaning that a tour guide accompanies each tour to ensure that everything runs smoothly! All our tours are perfectly combined to offer wildlife, nature and culture. Our dedicated team of professionals are just waiting to hear from you.

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